Seasonal Cupcakes

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ISBN 9781446303016

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More than 12 beginner-friendly cupcake designs for Halloween, Easter and Christmas. Bake tasty cupcakes and decorate them with fun sugar characters for seasonal celebrations, including Christmas Trees and Rudolph, Chirpy Chicks and Easter Bunnies, and a whole collection of ghastly, ghoulish cupcake designs for Halloween. These fun themed cupcake designs are perfect to set the scene or create a centrepiece for a seasonal party, or simply serve them as an entertaining family treat.
Prettily packaged, they are also ideal for gifts or for guests to take away with them. The cupcakes taste delicious too, and the bases and frostings can be mixed and matched and used for any project you choose to decorate them with. With easy-to-follow instructions each cupcake design will look great and be quick to make - perfect for festive parties and family gatherings!