The Vintage Fashion Bible. The Style Guide To Vintage Looks From The 20th Century

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Type of Book Hardback
Number of pages 224
ISBN 9781446304419

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The Vintage Fashion Bible is the must-have accessory for all dedicated followers of vintage fashion. Written by Red or Dead co-founders, Wayne Hemingway, MBE and Gerardine Hemingway, this is a complete chronological look at 20th century fashion for men and women from the perspective of the vintage fashion enthusiast rather than fashion historian, as well as a practical guide to buying, styling and restoring vintage clothing.


Complete with stunning original photography and illustration from the Hemingways′ personal archive, expert advice on everything from sizing and caring to where to buy and mixing vintage with new, as well as interviews with style icons and collectors, The Vintage Fashion Bible is essential reading for all fashion-lovers, from students and vintage virtuosos, to those who just want something a little different from their modern wardrobe.