Olive Marshmallow

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Type of Book Paperback
Number of pages 24
ISBN 9781760061395

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A sweet, humorous picture book for all new brothers and sisters who are anticipating the arrival of a new sibling.


When Archie notices his Mommy′s tummy growing, he knows something strange is happening. Not only that, Mommy′s office is suddenly completely pink! Mommy shows Archie a picture of his sister growing in her tummy, but Archie things it looks like an alien. Archie isn′t sure that he wants a baby sister. He likes cars and trains and playing cowboys. He knows for sure that he doesn′t like fluffy, frilly, and very pink things! But soon, a fluffy, frilly, and very pink bundle arrives at home. It′s his new baby sister, Olive! Big brother Archie thinks she looks like a marshmallow, and he wonders if life will ever be the same again.

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