No Flight From The Cage, Bomber Command

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Number of pages 256
ISBN 9780957116351

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Originally published in 1956, former Second World War prisoner-of-war Calton Younger′s No Flight from the Cage received critical acclaim. One critic wrote, ‘the book goes below the surface of prison camp life and shows a remarkable insight into the minds of men forced to live under conditions of tension and strain.’ The former Royal Australian Air Force Bomber Command airman has now revised, expanded and updated his original work - the story of a young man′s journey to war, of being shot down in May 1942, of three years spent behind barbed wire, and of enduring forced marches as the Nazi state crumbled. The author also recounts his adventures on the run in France prior to capture and his return, in 1949, to search for the people who helped him. In sensitive, gripping, yet often humorous prose, Cal Younger describes the toils and deprivations of prison camp life.

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